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12/04/12 – “If laughter were an STD, we’d be RAGING with it.” ~ Canadia, 04/07/12

On the phone with Canadia, while both of us were plied generously with whiskey, this little gem popped out of his mouth.  Or a near approximation of it. I was drunk as hell, so this is the iteration I wrote on my office wall with a sharpie.  Sure it may be a bit crude, possibly insensitive, but I think it sets an important precedent about the way we could all look at things.  First off, when the two of us are around each other, we’re usually laughing.  Even if the night includes breakdowns, horrible news, etc., eventually we’re laughing like crazy.  Often times we’re laughing about the same things we were just raging about.

If laughter WERE an STD, I would for sure consider Canadia a carrier.  His infectious laughter is one of the things I love about that guy.  Also, it’s not just that he makes me laugh for the moment, but it’s the deeper philosophy of allowing those around him to look at the negative things in your life (the STD’s, if you will), and make a joke about it.  And realistically, being able to laugh at your problems is sometimes the difference between making it through your day alright and taking a battle axe to work.  If laughter WERE an STD, I’d run from penicillin like an Enderman from rain.