Sayums 06 – Metric Madness

12/19/12 – “What time is that in metric?”

This isn’t an exact quote, or an original one, it’s just something we should all say more often.  The first time I started thinking about time in metric was when two of my best friends decided to abandon the American standard measurement system for the ‘clearly superior’ metric system.  Now I’m not here to debate which system makes the most sense or is more efficient (that will be a whole other rant), I’m here to make fun of the people who insist on using the metric system when it isn’t their native system of measurement.

When my friends adopted the metric system, it was like listening to a child using a new curse word.  I’ve never heard two people come up with more excuses to mention distance, temperature, or weight.  Eventually I couldn’t resist telling them I’d ordered them a gift online, a metric clock!  The look of extreme joy, followed by brief confusion, dawning understanding, and eventual indignation mixed with laughter was priceless.  So next time you hear someone forcing metric units into a conversation to prove how superior and worldly they are, ask them what time something is in metric.  Then laugh and buy them a beer. . . because you should also buy a beer for random people more often.  Now go work on that!