Sayums 03

12/06/12 – “When you hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up.  For you.  I’ve got an industrial drill, and I’m doing further down.” ~ Toez, 04/04/12

I’m sure I wasn’t the first person to say this, or something to the effect of it, but here’s how I see this phrase.  First of all, it’s a refusal to allow yourself to be in a ‘rock bottom’ state of mind.  I am a definite believer in your thoughts forming your reality, an if you refuse to believe you rock bottom, your not rock bottom.  And if you can go further down, you definitely have not hit rock bottom.  On another level, there’s the rebellious aspect: everyone else wants to go up from rock bottom, screw that, I’m going further down.  I believe this mentality almost always has value in it.  Pushing the envelope and exploring the limits of established beliefs is the only way current philosophies will grow along with humanity.  This led me to the thought that rock bottom may just be a concept created by lazy people with crappy tools.

Looking back at what I said, I realize I left out an obvious interpretation, that of the thinly veiled ethnic slur.  Now, if you use the geography taught to us by  Bugs Bunny, China is directly on the opposite side of the world from us.  So if rock bottom is the ultimate low for Americans, and you go lower, you’re actually rising into China.  If you break the surface and continue ‘down,’ you’re actually rising up over China.  Therefore, for someone in China, the highest they could possibly strive to rise is actually lower than our lowest low.  In fact, the higher they rise, they lower they get by our standards.  Granted, the complete opposite is also true, making us low to them, but I think we all know that ethnic slurs don’t derive from minds that are looking at both sides of the coin equally.  So I’ll laugh at both versions of the slur, and the idiots that believe either one.