Sayums 05 – Twinkies

"Who wants to live forever?"
“Who wants to live forever?”

12/14/12 – “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.  Unless it’s a picture of a Twinkie.” ~ Toez

Sure, we’ve all heard this, and it makes sense.  But what if you take a picture of a Twinkie?  Which of them will last longer, the picture or a Twinkie?  I’m considering burying a time capsule with these two items in it.  You know, with technology nowadays there are so many questions that have been answered about the world.  More importantly, we’ve discovered more and better questions.  But when it all comes down to it, Twinkies still rest at the heart of the important questions.

Twinkies may just hold the keys to immortality.  Could we infuse ourselves with Twinkie DNA and live forever?  Then there are matters of National Security.  Since the Star Wars anti-nuke shield still isn’t up and running, what about a Twinkie barrier?  If Twinkies could survive a nuclear holocaust, could we use them to counteract the effects to the flora and fauna of the world?  There are so many possibilities for what can be done with Twinkies, and I recommend we get on the ball and explore them all!  Well, except for eating them.  Don’t do that.  That’s just disgusting.