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12/05/12 – “It’s okay. I think I’m going to punch it to death.” ~ Randis Duthane, Critical Hit Episode #176

This was said by a fictional character on a podcast I listen to called Critical Hit.  After Randis made the comment, another person (Matthew, out of character) laughed that they are pretty sure they say that every morning when they wake up.  This comment is great on so many levels.  To start is, “It’s okay.”  In essence, don’t worry about whatever ‘it’ is.  ‘It’ isn’t important enough to warrant stressing over.  This is immediately followed by, “I think I’m going to punch it to death.”  So whatever it is, it warrants death, and a brutal death by pummeling, but not stressing over.

Not only does the contradiction amuse me, it oddly meshes well together.  This isn’t so much for the quick short lived irritations, this is for the things that are deep seated and ongoing.  Things that should be a concern, but you’re so over it you’d just as soon beat it to death with your bare hands as worry about it.  I can admit to feeling this way about many things now and again.  Work, people, work, my truck, work.  Yep, don’t bother worrying about that shit head of a leaky engine.  I think I’m going to punch it to death.  You should definitely be using this phrase more often in your everyday life, especially in regards to inanimate objects.

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